Red Barn Ranch

Such a beautiful place!


One of the best parts about being a Stampin’ Up! Demo is that I get to spend time with such amazing people all the time. I’m very blessed to have my Upline live right behind me. She started this retreat a few years back and it’s grown into something we all get to invite our teams and customers to. We had a smaller group in Jan/Feb then we normally do, mostly because of people coming down with the flu.  Those of us that were there had a blast. I believe we had about 7 of us this time. Normally much more.

This was SOME of what I took with me. I know… I really should downsize but hey, a girl needs her crafting stuff. The super cute dog in the picture is my dog Braxton. He didn’t get to come with me, he had to stay at home with his daddy.


Once we got to the Red Barn Ranch the girls and I set up for the next several days. Lots of laughs and fun. This Empty chair is my station that I set up and worked at for 4 days. The gal in the picture is Janice. She kept me laughing the whole time. As you can see I was ready for any inspiration that hit.


This is a view of half the room ( I forgot to take more pictures of the other gals set up).  We normally have people come in only for the weekend so they hadn’t gotten there at this point. The start of retreat was just us 4 and let me tell you, we were having a blast together.


After a long day of set up on our first day, we were cooked an amazing dinner by the staff at Red Barn Ranch. Did I mention 3 meals a day are included in this retreat? They spoil the heck out of us.


With all that yummy food a change into PJ’s was a must! This was the room I was in with my sweet friend Vivy who is also one of my team members and my upline Janice. Which I should add she had me laughing so hard, we really should of been sleeping. We had such a pretty view from our room.   I think going to retreat is like a huge slumber party with crafting. I’m so thankful for the time with my friends.

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We woke up the next day to a full day of crafting and making our big messes and beautiful creations. If I remember correctly we started at 7 am.  I should mention that this is a no fuss retreat, we don’t do our hair and makeup if we can avoid it and sometimes we stay in our Pj’s.  Janice was hard at work using her new Stamparatus. She was in the test group so she got one of the first ones.


Janice and I both put together prize baskets for two contests. My contest was for the best 3D name Tag for your table. Janice’s was for the best PJ’s/Night time outfit. ( My basket is the pink and her’s the blue)  We had daily prize drawings where we pulled a number and if that number was on your table you won a prize.  One of our donations was from Jeanne Locklar with Scentsy ( She’s also a SU Demo) Her website can be found here for her Scentsy products : https://www.facebook.com/scentsfromtheheart/?timeline_context_item_type=intro_card_work&timeline_context_item_source=1168792427&pnref=lhc

We also had a donation from Jeannie Blankinship with Thirty-One Her website can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/scentsfromtheheart/?timeline_context_item_type=intro_card_work&timeline_context_item_source=1168792427&pnref=lhc


Anna was the winner of the 3D Name Tag. She did an amazing job. Everyone did, but her’s just called to us. She was so excited to win that basket! Anna is one of my team members and I have to say, she never takes a bad picture. She’s such a joy to spend time with.




Anne was our winner for he PJ costume. She is such a sweet lady and always loves to have fun. She was so thrilled with her beautiful basket that Janice put together.



Anna was our winner of the beautifully put together Scentsy box by Jeanne. Thank you so much Jeanne for making such a beautiful gift and for your kind heart. Anna just loved everything in there.


Vivy was our winner of the wonderful Thirty-One item by Jeannie. Thank you for your donation Jeannie and for being a wonderful Thirty-One rep that keeps me organized.


Speaking of Vivy, she was our expert vinyl person. She really hooked us up with some pretty designs on our crafty items. She’s one of my team members as well and she plans on opening a Etsy store for her vinyl creations sometime soon. She’s gifted in so many ways. I’m blessed to have her on my team. These are pictures of what she did for Anna and myself. She was limited to pink vinyl because that’s all I brought with me.


Everyone passed out daily gifts that they made and it just felt like Christmas.  Here’s a few items I made for everyone. The Pink pillow boxes held card kits. The silver boxes held bracelets I made for everyone for Valentines day.

DSCN8932 26910698_2029083637121722_3687926847345951254_o 26910416_2033354380027981_4607775188702729305_o 26993677_2034641573232595_5624476057052446954_n

As you can see from this very long post, we had a great time. I should add that it would not be possible if Janice hadn’t of started this retreat.  Our next retreat is the first part of August. All my customers and team are invited to join me.  I would love to have you join me next time. Please contact me if you are wanting to attend.  Thank you for taking the time to stop and read my blog and thank you to everyone who attended retreat and I can’t wait to make more memories with you.



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